Welcome  to another term of travelling to interesting places, learning interesting facts and joining with interesting people on these trips.

Bookings for the following trips will be collected from Monday, 30th April.

Please bring in an envelope with your name, the trip and the amount of money clearly written on the front.   


Many thanks,   Doreen  0414 703 271



FRIDAY, 1st JUNE:     The Cartier Exhibition at the National Gallery.

Never before have so many incredible diamonds, emeralds and other precious stones been seen in Australia. Cartier: The Exhibition showcases more than 300 spectacular items, with loans from royal families, celebrities and the astonishing Cartier Collection itself, in exquisite settings such as royal tiaras, necklaces, brooches and earrings.

The exhibition explores Cartier’s glittering international clientele that included royalty, aristocrats, socialites, and stars of the stage, cinema and music.  Highlights include Dame Nellie Melba’s diamond stomacher brooch, the Queen’s “Halo” tiara, worn by Kate Middleton at her wedding to Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, Daisy Fellowes’ Tutti-Frutti Hindu necklace, Barbara Hutton’s imperial jadeite necklace, Princess Grace of Monaco’s 10.48-carat diamond engagement ring, Dame Elizabeth Taylor’s diamond and ruby necklace (a gift from her third husband Mike Todd which also doubles as a tiara) and a selection from the NGA’s exceptional Ballets Russes costumes.

As well as an intriguing array of Cartier jewellery, timepieces and precious objects, the immersive exhibition includes a selection of original preparatory drawings, as well as portraits, historic photographs, film, advertising material, jewellery-making tools and equipment to provide insight into the history of Cartier. 
Step into the dazzling world of the Maison Cartier and its clients and discover the age of glamour and icons of style.

We will stop for morning tea (yes, I do promise apple slices!!!!) on our way down to Canberra and, after entering  the National Gallery, we will then each decide how we would like to structure our day. Your entry ticket allows you to come and go to the Cartier exhibition. There are two cafes at the gallery, the NGA CAFÉ and the STREET CAFÉ where you can buy lunch when you feel like eating and you can visit the other exhibition areas of the gallery as well on your entry ticket.


8.00am North Wollongong      8.15am WEC      

COST:  $55



FRIDAY, 22nd JUNE:       The Police and Justice Museum, Sydney

 Fittingly, the Justice & Police Museum has been a Water Police Court (1856), Water Police Station (1858) and plain old Police Court (1886). Death masks of some of Australia’s more infamous crims are on display, as well as mugshots, assorted deadly weapons and newspaper reports of sensational wrongdoings. Also on view is a recreated 1890s police charge room, a dark and damp remand cell, and a restored Court of Petty Sessions with its notorious communal dock, which could hold up to 15 prisoners at a time. We will be in 2 groups with one tour before lunch and the other tour after lunch. Lunch will be at the Governors Table at the Museum of Sydney. You may like to go in this museum which is just up the road, when the other group are having their tour, or explore the Quay.



8.00 am North Beach      8.15am W.E.C.                           

COST:  $60 


The committee decided last year, that to be fair to those who were members of U3A, visitors would be welcome on our trips, day trips and holidays, but will be charged more.





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