Membership and Fees

Visitors are most welcome to attend one or two days before joining.

Our Address is:     Salvation Army Function Centre
                                             11-13 Burelli St


Per Person / Renewals:   $60.00
New members from July 1st:  $30.00 

Visitors are most welcome to attend one or two Monday or Thursday meetings before joining. Please feel free to approach a committee member at any meeting for information about U3A. If you decide to join, please enrol as described below. (You can join at any time during the year.)


Print a copy of the membership form here

Returning members are required to re-enrol each year. Enrolment times for 2023 are:
Monday 06 February: 9.30 am to 10.30 am.

    To join or re-enrol, please:
    (a) Complete the membership form, (also obtainable from the Treasurer).
    (b) Pay the membership fee, either
          (i) to the Treasurer (or representative) in cash or by cheque,
                 OR (preferably)
          (ii) by electronic funds transfer (internet banking; see below for details).
    (c) Once the payment is complete, hand over your enrolment form to the Treasurer (or designated committee member) and obtain a name tag. Name tags should be worn at all meetings.

The information you and we require for your EFT (internet banking) payment is:

BSB No:641800 
Account No:001142057 
Account Name:Wollongong U3A
Amount:      Per Person / Renewals:   $60.00
New members from July 1st:  $30.00 
Description /
Reference /
Message etc
SURNAME (followed by) INITIAL(S)*

* Please write the name of the person(s) whose subscription you are paying (usually, but not always, you).
* For a couple, write SURNAME (followed by) INITIAL(S) and INITIAL(S) and pay $120.
* For a couple with different surnames, please make two separate payments of $60 each.
* Please do not just write ‘U3A’ or ‘Fees’ or ‘Subscription’ etc. We need to know who the payment is for.
If you require a message for yourself in the description box, please enter the message after the name eg McDermott E U3A

Payments for the year are accepted at any time after 1st January (but not before). We need two or three days to verify an EFT payment before finalising your enrolment. To ensure that your name tag will be available on enrolment day please make your EFT payment before 25th January.

 Anne Mobbs :

On Monday & Thursday mornings committee members are available for further information.