Monthly Book Club


Term 1

Meets on the 1st Monday of the Month

12 – 1pm in the AUDITORIUM

I hadn’t been able to consult with members on which books we would read this year in time for inclusion in the newsletter. I have therefore chosen three books for Term 1 which have been recommended by members.


Monday 10th Feb The House of Mirth – Edith Wharton.

This is my pick as it is an American classic which I have always wanted to read. It tells of the tragic fall of Lily Bart, a beautiful socialite who loses her footing in the savage social-climbing world of New York high society in the nineteenth century.


Monday 2nd Mar Picnic at Hanging Rock Joan Lindsay.

One of our new members suggested this book. I think we may all have seen the film but not read the book. “Picnic at Hanging Rock” is an Australian historical fiction novel by Joan Lindsay. Set in 1900, it is about a group of female students attending an Australian girls’ boarding school who vanish at Hanging Rock while on a Valentine’s Day picnic, and the effects the disappearances have on the school and local community.



Monday 30th Mar The WardenAnthony Trollope.

Annette suggested this book as she really loved “Barchester Towers” which we read in 2018. This is the first of the Barchester Chronicles and possibly the best; at least the Warden of the title is the nicest of the Barchester character



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