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Book Club

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Feb 07

The Dutch House by Anne Patchet


Maeve and Danny are siblings who grow up in a grand house in Elkins Park.
The house is nicknamed The Dutch House, after the wealthy Dutch family
that once inhabited it.
Maeve and Danny’s mother abandoned their family when they were young,
so they are raised by their father and the household help instead. One day,
their father brings home a woman, Andrea Smith, whom he later marries.
Their father is more interested in his real estate holdings than in them, and
Maeve and Danny’s relationship with Andrea is fractious and later overtly
The Dutch House follows Maeve and Danny’s lives over many, many years as
they revisit and struggle to make sense of their childhood.

Mar 07

The Glovemaker, by Ann Weisberger


Deborah Tyler lives in Junction, a tiny town of seven Mormon families
scattered along the floor of a canyon, and she earns her living by tending
orchards and making work gloves. Isolated by the red-rock cliffs that surround
the town, she and her neighbours live apart from the outside world, even
regarded with suspicion by the Mormon faithful who question the depth of
their belief.
It is winter, and Deborah is alone in her isolated cottage while her husband, a
wheelwright is away. When a desperate stranger who is pursued by a Federal
Marshal shows up on her doorstep seeking refuge, it sets in motion a chain of
events that will turn her life upside down. The man, a devout Mormon, is on
the run from the US government, which has ruled the practice of polygamy to
be a felony. Although Deborah is not devout and doesn’t subscribe to
polygamy, she is distrustful of non-Mormons with their long tradition of
persecuting believers of her wider faith.
But all is not what it seems, and when the Marshal is critically injured, Deborah
and her husband’s best friend, Nels Anderson, are faced with life and death
decisions that question their faith, humanity, and both of their futures. 

Nancy Harman

NB: The Wollongong City Library holds copies of both books, but you may need to make a reservation.