Photography – Term 3

Session: Friday 9.30 – 11.00am
Meetings held via Zoom

Jul 22Nature illuminated by artificial lightCoins still life
Jul 29Coins picsObjects beginning with C
Aug 05C picsMetal chains
Aug 12Metal chain picsKeyboards
Aug 19Keyboard picsVanishing point
Aug 26Excursion – including vanishing point picsVenue?
Sep 02Excursion picsThings out of place
Sep 09Out of place picsIntense colour
Sep 16Intense colour picsSpheres
Sep 23Spheres picsJuxtaposition

Transport can be arranged for excursions if you don’t have access to a car on the day                                            

Participants will need to install Zoom on their device/s, then join the meeting provided by email

All participants should be members of Wollongong U3A, those interested in joining may attend 2 meetings  prior to joining U3A.

Wearing U3A badges will help us remember names!

For Further Information, contact:
Jenny Webster
Mob: 0402445228 | email –