Monthly Book Club


2018 was our 12th year of Book Club at U3A. When we first started we borrowed books from Mary Dwyer who would post us the books and we just paid for postage. This was quite onerous for me; collecting money, chasing up books (a couple were lost and had to be replaced), etc, and the selection was limited so after a couple of years we decided that we would borrow from the library or access the books electronically. There are three original members from the dozen or so in 2007: May Garrety, Pauline Vasquez-Cortes and myself.

One of the best things about being in a book club is the differing views we all have. Some love the book, some hate it and this leads to a very interesting discussion.

Over the break we will be reading two books; A Month of Sundays by Liz Birski and Tirra Lirra By The River by Jessica Anderson.

In A Month of Sundays four women, members of an on-line book club spend a month house sitting in the Mountains. They have never met in person before as they come from different parts of the country. They are each to choose a book which speaks to them and their lives. Tirra Lirra by the River is the first book they discuss so I thought it would be helpful to read that first so we can understand the discussion more and as we have a two month break we could read both and discuss both at our first meeting.

The four other books they discuss are: Sacred Country by Rose Tremain, Truth and Beauty by Anne Patchett, Unless by Carol Shields, and An Equal Music by Vikram Seth.

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