Film Society

Thursday – Term 3

Film Society: 1.00 – 3.30 pm – Auditorium.

Coordinators: Rick Thompson, Aileen Harland

Note that films marked * will be shown with subtitles for the hard of hearing
Jul 14*CIDER HOUSE RULES, USA, 1999, 121 mins. Dir Lasse Holstrum.
With Tobey Maguire and Michael Caine.
A compelling story about how far a young man must travel to find the place where he
truly belongs. John Irving wrote the novel, then followed up with the screen script.
Questions surrounding abortion and incest are raised – yet the core question
remaining to be answered is – for whom are the Cider House Rules???
Jul 21SUNRISE, USA, silent, 95mins. Directed by FW Murnau.
With Janet Gaynor, George O’Brien.
Very delicately and visually, told story of a farmer thinking of drowning his wife so he
can go off with a city woman – but he can’t go through with it: he and his wife attempt
to rebuild their relationship but their love is put to an even greater test.
Jul 28WHITE DOG, USA, 1982, 90 mins. Directed and written by Samuel Fuller.
With Kristy McNichol, Burl Ives, Paul Winfield, and “White Dog”.
Remarkable view of racism: a young actress adopts a lost German Shepherd, only to
discover that he has been trained to attack black people; an animal trainer tries to cure
him, and things become strange and stranger.
Aug 04DELICATESSEN, France 1991, 95 mins, Director Jeunet Caro.
Post apocalypse, a butcher keeps his clients in meat by nefarious means. His daughter
falls in love with a circus performer and to save him from the meat cleaver they need
the help of vegetarian freedom fighters.
Aug 11UTAMARO AND HIS FIVE WOMEN, Japan, 1946, 90 mins. Directed by Kenji
With Kotaro Bando, Kinuyo Tanaka.
An 18th Century film, reflecting the tensions of postwar Japan, follows the activities
of Utamaro’s many models and their jealousies – while is he is only able to deeply
connect with them through his painting.
Aug 18MY NAME IS NOBODY, Italo-French-German, 1973, 115 mins. Directed by Tonino
Valerii, Sergio Leone.
With Henry Fonda, Terence Hill.
After his Eastwood/ONCE UPON A TIME films peaked in the Italian Western, Leone
here turns the genre upside down and inside out: there is finally no hero left –
or much else.
Aug 25*JESUS OF MONTREAL. Canada 1989, 120 mins. Director Denys Arcand.
A group of actors staging an interpretive passion play in Montreal begin to experience
a meshing of their characters and their private lives as the production takes form, but
against the growing opposition of the Catholic Church. In his search for information to
help him better define his subject, our protagonist makes startling discoveries on the
life of Christ.
Sep 01THE OTHERS, Spain, 2012, 104 mins. Director Alejandro Amenabar.
With Nicole Kidman, Fionnula Flanagan,
A Spanish gothic supernatural film. Grace lives in a remote house in Jersey with her
two young photosensitive children. But, something is amiss – is Grace losing her
mind? Or is there something out there not of this world, that lies beyond the fog…
Sep 08A WOMAN IS A WOMAN, France, 1961, 84 mins. Written and directed by
Jean – Luc Godard.
With Jean-Paul Belmondo, Anna Karina, Jean-Claude Brialy.
Celebrating the great Hollywood musicals, Godard tells the bittersweet story of a
woman who wants to have a baby, and a lover who refuses; luckily, she has a best
friend …