SESSION 2   11.00 – 12.00 pm
Programme Planners: Martin Arrowsmith & Aileen Harland


MEXICO: More than Speedy Gonzales, Tacos & Drug Cartels
Coordinator: Aileen Harland

18 Oct

The Ancient Origins of Modern Mexico

Martin Arrowsmith

25 Oct

Forging a Nation: The Spanish Invasion and its Aftermath

Martin Arrowsmith

1 Nov

Mexican Culture and Traditions: Ghosts and Day of the Dead; Religion; Folk Tales

Aileen Harland

8 Nov

The Mexican as ‘OTHER’: Stereotyping; Place/representation in Hollywood Films, in Cartoons and on TV; The Rise of Contemporary Mexican Directors

Aileen Harland

15 Nov

Travels in Mexico

Audience Participation

22 Nov

Identifying and Forging a National Identity Through Art

Barbara Cattunar

29 Nov

A Troubled Nation: Mexico Today; Robert Frost’s “MENDING WALL” v “The Wall’/Border towns and Drug Cartels (encapsulated in novels)

Aileen Harland


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